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Meet Our Vendors


Great Vendors make a Great Market

YQL Marketplace offers more then just food. From fresh baking, to your favorite gift ideas, YQL Marketplace has something for everyone.


Something new to see

Our vendors offer a wide range of products for everyone to enjoy. 

Crafts, produce, snacks and unique gifts!

Meet the Face behind your favorite products

YQL Marketplace is so much more then a place to shop. We are a place to connect. The person behind the table is usually the person who owns the business you're buying from. Many are local, small business owners from right here in Southern Alberta. Buying from our vendors supports your community

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Vendor Profiles

Find your Favorite Vendors Here

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Made With Love Lotions

My Name is Christine Ezekiel

I am a Health Care Aide working in Geriatrics and Palliative Care. When COVID hit we all started using even more sanitizer, and myself and my coworkers began complaining about dry, cracked, burning hands! The store bought lotions were just not working!

So I decided to make my very own lotion and body butter. One of the big things for me was portability, and with that in mind I made my first hard lotion bar. Talk about a game changer, these things are AMAZING! Just put it in your pocket and you are good to go! No mess, No bottle in your purse and guys these fit right in the pocket of your jeans!

Our products are natural and Gluten free!

Let me know if that is not what you were looking for

Made with Love Lotions

Christine Ezekiel


Man(ish) Candles

Man(ish) Candles is Lethbridge’s newest handmade candle creator.

Started in January of 2021, Man(ish) candles was made to create an alternative to the traditional scented candles. Our signature line comes in restaurant quality glassware to clean and use once the candle finishes. All our products are made with 100% soy wax. 5 signature scents in 4 different sizes with new scents being added all the time!

Find Man(ish) Candles on Social Media

Facebook: @manishcandle

Instagram: @manishcandle


Serrano Studios

Euan is a talented woodworker, crafting unique and exciting board games.

From classics, like Cribbage, to originals, like Wicked Sevens,

Serrano Studios has something for your family game night.

Follow him on Facebook at


Jean Freak Clothing Boutique

Jean Freak offers a line of unique of Push up Jeans, Rhinestone Jeans, Bling Jeans, Capris, Bermudas, Shorts, Tops, Leggings, and Sandals at affordable prices!


Murray's Coin and Paper Money

Murray offers a wide variety of rare and collectable coins and bills.


Tamarack Jack's Honey and Meadery

Located in Clearwater County, near Caroline, Alberta, Tamarack Jack's Honey and Meadery works hard to put the creative back in craft liquor. Our bees work endlessly to make the honey that gave us our start. 

As humble farmers, we live for serving the great people of Alberta only the best. That is what you can expect when you try our mead. Made from all fresh ingredients, our mead is light, refreshing and different! We put a new world spin on an ancient recipe that will be sure to leave you wanting more.

Having been open only since August of 2017, Tamarack Jack's friends and family have been working tirelessly to provide our fellow Albertans with a product that we are passionate about and truly believe in. We believe whether it's the honey in your tea or the mead in your cup, Tamarack Jack's Honey and Mead is A Good Way to End the Day!


Tamarack Jack's Honey and Meadery offers a variety of natural products. We gather local raw honey from our little honey bees as well as pollen and beeswax. Each of these products contains elements that will benefit a mind, body and soul.



Mead – 23 flavours. Buzz Saw and Sawyer area year round the other 20+ are seasonal

Raw Honey – regular and infused

Bee Pollen

Bees Wax

Freshet Carbonated Spring Water

open mouth2.jpg

Sekhmet's Emporium

Home of the North American House Hippo! For all your fantasy decor needs, check out Sekhmet's Emporium. Dragons, fairies, tarot cards, buddhas and more. Poly resin and concrete statuary, drinkware, and much more. Also offering Young Living Essential Oils, diffusers and accessories

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