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COVID Update

September 22, 2021

As the time for our Grand Opening draws nearer, both vendors and the public are beginning to wonder what this changing world means to YQL Marketplace.

Listed below are direct from

  • As markets are considered an essential service, we are not allowed to require personal medical information from anyone for entry to our market, including vendors, staff, customers and contractors

  • According to AHS, a market stall is considered its own place of business, comparable to retail outlets in a shopping center. Any vendor participating in YQL Marketplace during COVID-19 is responsible for their own measures within their stalls that prevent the spread of infection amongst staff and customers.

  • YQL Marketplace will be regularly cleaning and disinfecting common areas to prevent spread of infection

  • Hand washing stations will be available throughout the market

  • Physical distancing will be encouraged

As YQL Marketplace will not be opening until October 15, 2021 and the changes continue, please follow us on Facebook and Instagram for updates as regulations adjust.

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