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Rules and Regulations

Vendor Applications

50% deposit is required once your contract has been approved for full-time and part-time vendors. Full payment is required for daily and weekly vendors starting in October, once your contract has been accepted. Full-time and Part-time payments are due the 1st of each month. Daily payment is due the week before your market start date. Weekly is due 2 weeks before your market start date. An email reminder will be sent out with your payment dates.

2. YQL Marketplace is not responsible for lost, stolen, damaged items or property, or any injury that may occur within your booth space.

3. Vendors are responsible for keeping their booth clean and tidy during and after the market; brooms and dustpans can be supplied upon request.

4. Vendors must offer product guarantees on all their items. The vendor must replace product free of charge or refund the customer.

5. New products not listed on your contract must be introduced in writing and approved by the YQL Marketplace management.

6. All vendors are expected to have enough product to last the entire market day.

7. No Vendors shall pack up before end of market time.

8. Lit incense or open flame are strictly prohibited.

9. YQL Marketplace management reserves the right to remove your booth space from the market if you are found to be arriving late, leaving early or missing scheduled dates without written notification to YQL Marketplace management.

10. Offensive behavior displayed to either fellow vendors, members of the public, market staff or volunteers will NOT be tolerated.

11. If a vendor or their staff is reprimanded by YQL Marketplace management three (3) times about infractions of the rules, in writing, on the third infraction the vendor will be removed from the current market and their contract cancelled without reimbursement.

12. YQL Marketplace is for the purpose of sales of handmade, baked, grown or commercial items. Promoting religion, politics or personal beliefs will not be permitted.

13. No used or antique items will be permitted at YQL Marketplace.

14. Vendors’ display must remain within the confines of their booth space.

15. Vendors may not solicit outside their booth space.

16. Heckling or badgering other vendors, the public or YQL Marketplace managers is strictly prohibited. Rules and Regulations Initials

17. Disputes between vendors should be brought to the attention of a YQL Marketplace manager if they cannot be resolved amicably.

18. Vendors may not park in the spaces closest to the building. Any vendors not following this rule may be subject to fines.

19. Vendors dismissed from YQL Marketplace for infractions will be required to re-submit a contract as a new vendor if they wish to return.

20. YQL Marketplace has full control of operations and conduct at the market.

21. Move-In times will be on Wednesday and Thursday each week, based on the amount of vendors who need to set-up.

22. All food vendors must prepare their items according to AHS regulations

23. Extension cords, table clothes, and display are not provided. Please bring your own if you require them.

24. Special requests are NOT guaranteed. YQL Marketplace will do its best to provide you with your requests.

25. Information collection: The personal information collected on this form will be used to manage YQL Marketplace. It will only be shared with those individuals responsible for managing YQL Marketplace. I AGREE TO PAY THE RATES ONCE AGREED UPON WHEN DUE.

26. Cancellations MUST be received in writing. Cancellations within 90 days of market start day will receive a 50% refund. Cancellations within 60 days of market start day will receive a 25% refund. Cancellations within 30 days of market start day will NOT receive any refunds.

27. Vendors are encouraged to display signage with business name and contact info in their booth space

28. Move-out times will be every Sunday after the market is finished. For part time vendors, move-out times will be emailed close to your move-out day.

Terms and Conditions

Vendor Applications

I declare the information on this form to be complete and accurate. I agree to pay the rates once agreed upon with YQL Marketplace, 2341517 AB Ltd. I understand that not all applicants are granted space at YQL Marketplace and that it is the right and responsibility of YQL Marketplace to decide allocation of space. If accepted, this forms a binding agreement. I understand that should my contract be accepted; deposit or full payment will be required to secure my space. I agree to follow all rules and regulations laid out in this document. YQL Marketplace, 2341517 AB Ltd, does not require vendors to have their own business insurance, unless warranted. However, YQL Marketplace, 2341517 AB Ltd, is not responsible for lost, stolen, damaged items or property, or any injury to vendor or the public that may occur within your booth space.

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